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    Hierarchical Modulation V1.1.zip - Hierarchical Modulation V1.1,2020-11-27 03:03:10,下載0次
    MATLAB.rar - Fundamentals of Matlab in Mathematics.,2020-08-07 02:44:14,下載0次
    networks.zip - 1000 questions in networks,2020-07-25 04:20:29,下載0次
    iraq.rar - K-means from qadasi,2020-07-17 02:04:02,下載0次
    codes.zip - wireless communication codes from Willey book using Matlab code,2020-05-01 10:04:59,下載1次
    Roots-and-Optimization-master.zip - Mathematics Numerical Algorithms using matlab code,2020-05-01 09:57:43,下載0次
    GSM.zip - Interview questions in mobile communication,2020-04-21 08:26:41,下載1次

    200110.tar.gz - *HEADER PLATFORM NUMBER :4900093 CYCLE NUMBER :001 DATE CREATION :20040503194624(YYYYMMDDHHMMSS) PROJECT NAME :US ARGO PROJECT PI NAME :STEPHEN RISER INSTRUMENT TYPE :APEX_SBE_624 SAMPLE DIRECTION :A(A=Ascend D=Descend) DATA MODE :D(R=Real-Time D=Delayed-Mode) JULIAN DAY :19243.9403(days since 1950-01-01 00:00:00 UTC) DATE :2002-09-08(YYYY-MM-DD) *LOCATION LATITUDE : 22.882 LONGITUDE :-157.987 *FILE COLUMN 1 :Pressure (dbar) F7.1 COLUMN 2 :Corrected Pressure (dbar) F7.1 COLUMN 3 :Quality on Pressure I3 COLUMN 4 :Temperature (degree_Celsius) F9.3 COLUMN 5 :Corrected Temperature (degree_Celsius) F9.3 COLUMN 6 :Quality on Temperature I3 COLUMN 7 :Salinity (PSU) F9.3 COLUMN 8 :Corrected Salinity (PSU) F9.3 COLUMN 9 :Quality on Salinity I3 COLUMN 10 :Dissolved Oxygen (micromole/kg) F9.3 COLUMN 11 :Corrected Dissolved Oxygen (micromole/kg) F9.3 COLUMN 12 :Quality on Dissolved Oxygen I3 2COLUMN 13 :Flag of all
    MIMO檢測算法.rar - 實現各種MIMO檢測算法,包括MRC,ZF,MMSE和SIC
    201704210947144.rar - MIMO信號檢測,MMSE,ZF,MLD
    FROM AYUBA CNT_v1_0.zip - Non orthogonal multiple access perfomance analysis
    Undergraduate_thesis_OFDM.zip - Third year undergraduate thesis on NOMA
    PUDN.rar - the coding consists of noma power allocation and SIC in 64 QAM modulation.
    EURASIP JWCN.zip - This is a code package related to the following conference paper: Y. Mao, B. Clerckx and V. O. K. Li, "Rate-splitting multiple access for downlink communication systems: bridging, generalizing, and outperforming SDMA and NOMA." EURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networking 2018.1 (2018): 133. The code in all packages are implemented in Matlab environment with CVX toolbox assisted. In the 'Figure 6b' code package, Fig. 6(b) of the above paper will be reproduced by running the Matlab script 'main.m'. By changing the variables 'bias' (channel gain difference between the users), 'NT'(number of transmit antenna), you can reproduce Fig. 5--Fig. 6.
    NOMA.rar - simulation code matlab NOMA
    SLM算法.zip - SLM算法降低OFDM通信系統中的PAPR,使用matlab進行仿真
    OFDM with PAPR reduction.zip - Papr reduction technique of ofdm..
    Soure_M-MIMO_NOMA_IDMA.zip - Performance Analysis of FD-NOMA-Based Decentralized V2X Systems
    rician-massive-mimo-master.rar - rician-massive-mimo-master
    aa0d5321732c4b8d8fc6dfc684d3d11c.rar - This is a program comparing noma with ofdma in terms of ber
    mimo.zip - 基于MINO的非正交多址接入系統的功率分配算法 用于多天線
    codes.rar - At the transmitter side, NOMA employs Superposition-Coding (SC) to send independent packets (signals) to several receivers simultaneously, and on the other hand, Successive-Interference-Cancellation (SIC) is employed to separate the signals of different users.
    NOMAfasong.rar - 介紹了noma在lte下的兩個用戶如何資源分配以及接收端sic技術的仿真結果。
    NOMA與OFDM.zip - OFDM與NOMA相結合。分析NOMA有關性能性能
    PDMA.m.zip - 基于Matlab的PDMA通信系統BLER隨SNR的變化仿真
    abcd_OFDM-2.rar - 基于ZF檢測的OFDM,實現OFDM系統基本原理的仿真


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