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    說明:TH3D Arduino Libararies
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    說明:sanguino-master using by windows
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    說明:SF是一套基于.NET Core +EFCore+Bootstrap開發的框架
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    說明:IK Analyzer 是一個開源的,基于java語言開發的輕量級的中文分詞工具包
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    說明:Android implementation side drop-down menu icon animation effects, the use of the title bar icon in animation effects, need to use the v4 bales and v7.The effect of the ToolBar and DrawerLayout, we set with layout Settings into LinearLayout direction to vertical direction;Then place the v7 DrawerLayout in the ToolBar and V4 package, and then write the content area in DrawerLayout and side drop-down menu area.
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    說明:VC create a shortcut on the Windows desktop and start menu application shortcut added, including the program menu group set up, it's a molding software the necessary basic skills.
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    說明:A circular range form very individual character, in the beginning, spread out in the form of animation, the ring is composed of one input box, when activated with the mouse input box focus ring will turn to this individual.We can also use the TAB key to select each input box to enter the form content.
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    說明:Based on VC 2008 multi-threaded download procedures, build a thread each download, download a thread to manage these threads, and returns the download progress.
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    說明:Delphi CRM customers and friends address book program source code, the interface used to XPMenu controls, features, main have contact basic information input, modify, query statistics maintenance, report output and so on.Now program is not strictly a CRM software, just an address book, but the follow-up can be expanded into CRM customer relationship management system, procedures used in the database, Access format.
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    說明:VC detection TCP/IP protocol is installed, after will automatically select the corresponding single box, as shown in the chart.
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    說明:VC homemade window title bar blue gradient effect, because the original gradient window title bar is blue, but the blue gradient and inherent system here is not the same, you will watch it and you know, the purpose of this code is to let you learn how to customize form the title bar of the gradient effect, you can completely in accordance with the code in the method to generate red and green gradient, green yellow gradient effect of window title bar.
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    說明:Acquisition example source code, VC serial port application: temperature temperature acquisition device via a serial port connection, read the temperature value is displayed, read the principle of serial data is, as long as when there are data to the serial port to send data, the computer will automatically write its data to a specific buffer, as long as we write programs to read that particular buffer it.
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    說明:Java's graduation design imitation QQ chat system detailed design document, the design of the system based on Java ICQ in implementation, program interface mainly refer to tencent QQ, when implementation using Java Swing graphics package.Development tools using Borland Jbuilder4 of the company.Source documents including the whole design process, the structure framework, code samples, and the program usage, debugging environment in detail, such as strong reference for Java programming.
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    說明:VC switch subtitles scrolling text display, can dynamically show or hide the author information, bottom-up scrolling display subtitles, and automatically cut and window functions and write text in a memory DC in m_pBitmap, used to write in the OnTimer screen, text color randomly, according to at the beginning of the program will limit the mouse activity area, press the ESC key animation of the mouse.
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    說明:VC simulation implementation of CS structure essentially a database, user name: super management xxd88 password: 45225633.VC to write a large set of enterprise data management system, in order to facilitate system, write their own SQL database, also including client and server SQL enterprise management program, it is need very high level of VC programming, this database is used, performance is good, interested in the code for reference.
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    說明:Java classes demonstrate DES, RSA and SHA encryption algorithm, can be on file and the input stream encryption processing.
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    說明:PHPOK - Lite enterprise web site system not only simplify P4, and some optimization of yourself!Such as: reduce the Cache files (P4 full version is likely to be the first run to generate hundreds of Cache file, or more than 20 Lite version) performance is better, separate Cache and DB, easy to access, and so on.PHPOK - Lite enterprise web site system function modules: basic management, custom extensions, custom, news management, product information management module, data download, photo albums, recruitment management, project management and custom extensions, plug-in management and Tag the labels, and other functions.
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    說明:An android programming examples related to dial a call, the phone function module is the foundation and the core modules in the android system, run level is higher, as shown, can complete contacts, schedules, Settings, log, and module functions, in addition to contact delete, synchronization, add, and other functions.Program can also control who you during sleep can make a phone call to come in to disturb you, can also define other wake events, if in the mute state, will give the caller sends a set SMS, you told him not to disturb your sleep.This source code is commonly used an android programming paradigm, are helpful to learning android programming.
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